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Contra Evolution Revolution HD Full PC Game Download

Contra Evolution Revolution HD PC

Contra Evolution Revolution HD Full Version PC Game Free Download With Cheats, Codes And Gameplay



is the title of Prince of NES / arcade , so the controls are simple . This is a good thing for the mobile device , which relies on the touch screen . Less buttons means less stuff cluttering up the screen. In spite of this there is still a lot of things that appear on the screen in Contra which has little connection to control your character , but we’ll get to that later. You’ve got the three control schemes to choose from : thumbstick, thumbstick transmitted , classic d-pad .
And basic thumbstick works fine, but it can be a little hard to get the right diagonal aims as you blast although the level . Thumbstick and transmitted it seems like a good idea at first , but the way that follows the finger actually makes controls more sensitive. Anywhere press in this situation is the center, but even a small movement can make you duck or run in the direction you do not want. And fixed thumbstick is just easier to use. This will be the perfect game for the d-pad with the exception of one issue – it’s too big. There are a number of levels ( as well as almost every boss battle ) where you can end your character even in the corner of the screen . D cushion covers more screen real estate , so your fingers in the way more than that .


Contra Evolution Revolution HD gameplay

Contra Evolution Revolution HD pc download

Contra Evolution Revolution HD review

Download Contra Evolution Revolution HD Full Game For PC

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